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Friday, June 11, 2010

I m here for what?

Hello Bloggers! & Readers!

This is Evan Perry. I resides in Ohio, US & I'm a Lingerie Enthusiast. Being a woman and fashion freak, my interest emerged in Lingerie long time ago. I'm working in the lingerie industry from past few years and has watched/felt the trends changing in lingerie.

The reason to join Blogger.com is to share my interest in lingerie with you all!

I'll keep on posting the new emerging trends in all types of lingerie and make sure you may reach to them if you like them. The postings will be including the pictures/details of best lingerie in US.

Please inform me if you like them. It'll help me knowing your side of perception too.

Don't forget to comment, I'll keep checking them.

Thanks n take care!