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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

School Girl Lingerie!

The words school and lingerie when comes together then the next thing comes in the mind is naughtiness. The lingerie companies have crafted the school girl lingerie with the theme naughtiness and sexy. Here are few pieces I liked the most like 8pc Hot School Girl and Stockings. The Plaid skirt with vinyl waist, back opening, removable garters and suspenders. Matching bandana top and jacket. The color Black and Pink is the thing I liked in it the most. When one wears it, it reminds of the school time and a hot look comes thereafter. To wear, one needs a nice and sexy body if the color is fair then its the best piece to wear. The extra hot look if needed with school girl outfir then check this Boarding School Girl Adult Costume. This is really short and sexy as pictured. It includes everthing you need the Bustier, skirt, tube top, collar and tie, panty and matching thigh high stocking so you can give flaunt a complete look . There are other 2 pieces which are very hot and can give a seductive look. If you add a little naughtiness to it then these are of no match like 2 pc alley school girl black tie top & pleated skirt and really unique 2 piece the 2 pc bang school girl top with adjustable straps and skirt with built in g -string plaid. These are some of the sexiest and stlylish costumes as stated

The other one of the hottest ever lingerie or a costume theme is a tie top. It reveals a sexy look because the tied is so simple and easy to go with thing. 2 pc devilish school girl mesh short sleeve tie top with mini skirt plaid. They say "Fulfill your fantasy with something sassy!". Then check this out, this something which is all time favorite stuff. But one piece which is completely for Private study is the Private School Girl. This is a piece that is crafted for the school fantasies and to live in it. This has nothing more than the other lingerie but less. The pasties, tie and extra short skirt is enough to cover the topic