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Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter Lingerie Ideas- Spice things up, this coming Easter!

Easter is the time for children to play Easter Bunny and take part in egg hunts, egg rolling races and what not; but that is not to say we adults cannot have our fun! Easter is one of my favorite holidays as it comes with the whole weekend off; great for spending some quality time with the hubby. Nothing like spending some good ol' time under the sheets and emerging only when the holiday is over!

Before you go traipsing off, planning for the holiday weekend, spare some thought on the lingerie that you will probably need. Nothing spoils the mood like seeing your partner in tattered lingerie. Lucky for you, the wonders of online shopping extend to lingerie as well! You can find all sorts of lingerie online, from the playful to the downright kinky. To get you started on finding that perfect piece of lingerie, I have compiled a diverse list of innerwear items that should give you a good idea on the kind of lingerie you may want to go for.

A nice pair of white lacy bra and thong, accessorized with bunny tails and bunny ears; you really can't get any more Easterie than this! This bra and thong set would be perfect for other occasions as well, simply remove the bunny ears and tail and voila, you have a pair of really sexy lingerie.


Another style that is popular among lingerie these days is the halter neck. A sultry mesh teddy featuring a revealing halter neck is a good choice for lingerie any day. To make it more suitable for Easter, you can go for one that comes with matching bunny ears and tail. Such a look always drives the men mad, what with showcasing just the right amount of skin.


Classy black never fails to impress. A simple black teddy accessorized with matching bunny ears and tail and a cute bowtie, there really is no better way to celebrate Easter!


Easter cannot be spent just under the sheets (as much as you may want to!), after all there are the dinner parties to go to. If you are planning to party with friends this Easter, a sexy chic look is a must. You can go for a nice sexy corset that will fit right with a pair of tight leather pants or a frilly skirt. I have a fondness for pink but you can go for the color that you like best.


Another great look for a party is a nice flowing mini dress. Featuring a tantalizing deep V-neck, such an outfit simply oozes sex appeal. You can even pair this mini dress with leggings to create a glamorous diva look.


A holiday is as good as you make it and this applies to Easter as well. Don't take this opportunity to get closer to your partner, for granted. Intimacy is the highest form of bonding that can exist between 2 people and holidays like Easter are the perfect opportunity to rekindle the lost romance. So ladies, whether it is a piece of lingerie to spice up the bedroom life or a club wear outfit for a night of partying, have the time of your life as you very well deserve it!

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