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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sexy French Maid Costume Ideas For Halloween

French maid-  the dress style that came in existence in way back 90’s. The black and white maid outfit  has evolved as a symbol of sexiness over the years.  From the conservative to sexy this style has it all. A plain black outfit with white lace and a feather duster is all what is needed.

This look is not just popular in women who wants a sexy look but amongst men as well. Every man wants to see his lady in a sexy naughty French maid look. So ladies pull up your sleeves and get ready to blow out everyone like dust . With few tips and ideas you all would be just ready with the little sweet, little spice, little naughty and full of sexy French maid look.

Firstly let’s start with a simple sexy French maid costume for your costume or Halloween party. For the women who are not that much in favor of revealing, a simple French costume with a deep neck line and some nice costume accessories like stocking and heel shoes are prefect to add that oomph factor to the French maid costume.

Increasing the bar of sexiness here is a off shoulder French maid costume for women who can carry and are comfortable with off shoulder sexy look. This costume even gives you a nice neck piece to wear .


Try on this ultra sexy French maid at your  service costume which when worn would definitely make the guys go ooh la la…
With just the right attitude and poise walk and swipe the attention of the crowd. This French maid costume is definitely a show stopper for your Halloween or costume party.


Plus Size

If sexy is what you want then sexy is what get. Nothing can stop you from getting the sexy French maid outfit not even your size. Just the right style and a costume that compliments your body type is all what you need. Many plus size costumes can be found in market these days but not every costume can make you feel like a sexy French maid. So here is one of the options that you can try.
An amazingly sexy off shoulder French maid outfit just apt for your costume party or the Halloween. 

in the end a nice helpful tip for the people who doesn’t want to buy the French maid costume can make one for themselves at home. Just attach some nice white ruffled lace to the plain black outfit and a feather duster with a head piece to compliment the outfit.
Here are few costume accessories that might come handy for the perfect French maid look.

French_maid_black_heelFrench_maid_pouch French_maid_dusterFrench_maid_stockings