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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trick or Treat! Halloween Costume Ideas!

Trick or Treat time is BACK and preparations are on its peak. Shops are filled with Costumes and internet is pouring trendy costume ideas. You must have selected your costumes or if not selected an idea of what wear is definitely there. But is your Costume sexy enough? If No then here is your chance to spice up your Halloween with some great Corset Costume.
Thinking Why corset? Well from centuries Corsets are known for the sexy look. It enhances and gives a perfect shape to the body. Corset Costume not only look sexy but also is a unique idea. Corsets mixed and matched with few accessories make a great costume and also can be worn with skirts and jeans as a perfect Clubwear attire.
Below are few ideas how can these sexy corsets be accessorised to make a unique and stylish Costume.

Leopard Costume

Animal print looks extremely sexy but generally people land up going over the top with it. Featuring Leopard print in the center, this Leopard print corset doesn’t takes away the focus from you.

Add Leopard ear head band a tail to make this corset a perfect leopard costume.

Cop Costume/ Witch Costume

This Black Burlesque corset comes with ruffled front and bow Accents. 

Accessories this Corset with Skirt and put on a Witch hat for  witch Costume or place a cop cap with hand cuffs for a sexy Cop Costume. 


Wear this red Corset having ruffled front.

For the Devil look wear a nice tutu Skirt and devil horns and pitchfork.


Corsets at such lowest price are not be missed. Use your creativity and you are all set for Halloween.

Happy Halloween readers!!

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