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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

“Bell is not a bell until it rings, Song is not a song until it is sung and love is not love until it’s given away”
It’s said that being in love changes your life. It makes you complete and tells you what was missing in life.  When love is so special and precious why not celebrate this beautiful feeling in a beautiful way.

Going on candle light dinner, drive is so old book. And every year thinking of something new is also not possible. So to help you out I have few ideas to make this day special for you

Have a candle light dinner

Now you’ll think I just said its old book then why am I suggesting you this? Well going to a fancy restaurant for dinner is not what I’m suggesting. Why to celebrate the day of love with 10 other people sitting around instead Decorate your balcony with flowers, candles and balloons. Set up a round table and order her favorite food. 

Go for a walk

Sweet cold breeze, moon light everywhere and air filled with fragrance of flowers. How can one miss such a beautiful and romantic setup of nature?  Take your love for a nice walk, holding hands and feeling the warmth of love.

Watch a Movie

Don’t take her to a movie theater, Bring the theater home. Decorate your room with dim light and a bowl of popcorns with drinks and play your partners favorite movie. Cuddle up and enjoy the movie.

Along with all this presenting her with some intimate gift would just add up to the moment. Below are few gifts that can come handy .