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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Halloween Costumes using corsets 2014

Halloween is around and everyone must be looking for costumes. It runs expensive when you buy costumes for whole family. Are you sick of the prepackaged costumes for Halloween? I know some of you are! If you are  good at making a costume at your home showing your creative side? The one idea that struck my mind is using corsets. Corsets can be seen wearing under evening gown, as outerwear and also as a part of bedroom lingerie! And now Halloween costumes. Here are some creative ideas on how to use corsets to complete your character look for Halloween..

1) Pirate Costumes using red corsets – Pirates generally have a corset in their attire. When you incorporate corsets in your costumes then it would be easy for you to make the costume. Wear a shirt under this corset and a red skirt and the Pirate wench look is complete!

2) Peacock Costume using green-  Use any green colored corset and green short skirt, your peacock Halloween costume is ready to wear!

3) Red Riding Hood-  You just need to add a red cape and a skirt, you are all set to blow everybody's mind by showing your creative side!


4) Angel costumes using any white corset- Just a little more accessories like halo-band and feathers and you will be the angel of Party! 


5) Devil Costumes using Red Corsets - Red colored corset can be used for many costumes, you can be wonder-woman by mixing blue somewhere and of course a devil!


6) Mermaid Costumes using Blue Corsets- Generally blue is considered more prominent when it comes to Mermaid costume but you can always play with more colors like pink or green. 


Black colored corsets alone can serve many purposes, here I am showing the costumes which only need a black corset and a little addition and its done!

Any ideas you have? I would be glad to know Feel free to share!