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Saturday, February 5, 2011

10 Ways to make your Valentine’s Day memorable

We loved with a love that was more than love. ~Edgar Allan Poe
Valentine’s Day is the day to spread the message of love amongst our loved ones. There are many ways by which we can make Valentine’s Day as special as our loved ones are in our life.
1. Try to spend the whole day with your special someone to make him/her feel more special.
2. You can create a unique greeting card on your own with your favourite Valentine’s Day quote or the most romantic lines written on it.
3. Plan a long drive with your partner to your best loved destination.
4. You can also gift Valentine’s Day special costumes to make the day more hot and happening.
5. Take your beloved out for a cozy lunch or a candle light dinner to a romantic restaurant, or have dinner at home by light candles or by a fireplace with the romantic music.
6. Give him or her something that they like the most; it could be anything like a costume, jewellery, chocolates, flowers, book etc.
7. You can give a special performance like a dance, song or write a love poem or some special lines to make them feel how precious they are in your life.
8. Go out to watch a romantic movie.
9. If you want to party at home then cook your favorite food for the romantic day.
10. Buy and gift the most erotic lingerie from spicylegs.com for your lovely lady or good looking guy. It is perfect for tempting and seducing your partner in every way imaginable this Valentine’s Day.
Last but not the least I would like to add that it’s not the day to be celebrated for one day; it needs to be celebrated every second of the year. Happy Valentine’s with your darling!